Scott Jacoby, Grammy-Winning Producer/Engineer (John Legend, Laura Izibor, Vanessa Hudgens)

Scott Jacoby, Grammy-Winning Producer/Engineer (John Legend, Laura Izibor, Vanessa Hudgens)

“There is no other mic pre out there that delivers the warmth and clarity of the Electronaut. Whether using the DI for bass or the mic pre on a vocal, you can dial in such diverse and pleasing variations of color and tone – from super-tubey and saturated, to transparent and crystal-clean. The M63 is my go-to pre in a rack filled with Neve’s, Avalons, API’s and Manley’s. This unit is by far one of my favorite pieces of gear, and its built like a beautiful tank. In addition to being a supremely talented designer/engineer, Rob Roy Campbell supports his products with the utmost care and respect, and he has created a truly unique and musical piece of equipment – a rare feat in this day and age.”

UPDATE:  On April 27th 2014 Scott was featured in SonicScoop’s newsletter, where he referred to the M63 as “one of my favorite boxes.”  You can read it here.

Jonathan Low, Weathervane Project Series

“The next thing that we cut was the lead vocal — he was singing into a Neumann U67. We ended up using the Electronaut tube preamp, and the second that we plugged it in to that pre, it was a unanimous decision. It instantly sounded great, and had an incredible mid-range detail.”

Scott Adamson, Musician/Engineer

“The M63 provided the clearest and smoothest bass response I’ve ever heard. Wonderful for use on bass guitar, either with a mic or direct. Also, using Coles 4038s with these preamps for horns was the easiest time I’ve ever had getting exactly the sound I wanted.”

John Humphrey, Engine Studios

“Flexibility is the cornerstone of my studio ethos. In my 20 years in the business, I have always sought out studio products that deliver in multiple situations and I only buy gear I think has long-term survivability. I consider my Electronaut M63 another awesome tool in the shed, right there with our Neumann 367’s, MyContinue Reading

Patrik Schwitter, Sunhill Project Studio, Switzerland

“If we could measure a mic preamp’s cholesterol level, then this impressive super-boutique-vacuum-tube-animal from Chicago would be riding the edge of what is allowed in unsaturated fats! I have never experienced this much weight coming out of anything like the m63!  This is an unbelievable musicbox!! Big thanks to Flyline who imported this foreign dreamtoolContinue Reading